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Principal Thornley’s Weekly Message, Week 7 of National Emergency
Posted 4/29/20

Principal Thornley’s Letter to the Community

Principal Thornley’s Video Message


Good Morning Cabrillo Families,


We had some welcome sunny and warm days this past week.  My wife and I are avid hikers, something that has been a challenge with the closure of our favorite local set of trails, Sunol Regional Wilderness. With so many trailheads closed, the unanticipated consequence of funnelling together fellow hikers on one of the few remaining open trail heads has led to some unsafe hiking conditions with hikers too close together and many not abiding by social distancing. Fortunately we know the hills very well and have found some secret gems to hike where we may come across 3 or 4 fellow hikers over a 6 mile trail. We all need to find solace in these uncertain times. For me, it is a lengthy hike. I may not achieve the mileage or elevation gain I prefer, but I’m outside with my wife and our dog Buster taking in the scenery, breathing clean air, and pushing the pause button on the pandemic. A two-three hour departure renews one’s spirit.


I want to thank the many families who have been sending in pictures of their students working in the new classroom at home as we discover distance learning together. Please continue sending the images. Also, please send artwork your students have been creating at home. Continue sending your pictures to me at

The good people at MIND Research have brought back ST Mathematics and the enigmatic penguin named JiJi. Start your journey as a parent by watching this two-minute video ST Math - Visual Math Program - See the Math and Grow. To access ST math, students log into Clever then scroll down until they find JiJi! This service is being provided free of charge over the duration of school closure. ST Math in a nutshell is a language neutral web-based mathematics program that allows students to work at their current level of mastery. Because it is mastery based, students must pass each level with a score of 100% (all puzzles correctly solved) before the next level becomes available to them. Each student has their own personalized journey and takes as long as they need to achieve mastery. Parent Resources can be found at


As our distance learning expands, we want our Cabrillo students to take full advantage of the resources being provided. Along with your student’s Google Classroom set up by his or her teacher, Mrs. Diaz-Centeno and Mrs. Kerr have established Primary (grades 1-3) and Intermediate (grades 4-6) Google Classrooms which we are using for our specialists and support staff at Cabrillo. When your student clicks the classroom logo on the waffle, they will see their teacher’s classroom, Mrs, Diaz-Centeno’s Computer Lab Classroom and now a Primary or Intermediate Classroom (depending on your child’s grade level). Please help them click the Join button so that they will have access to Mr. C for PE, our librarian Mrs. Hamblin, stories being read by our intervention specialist Mrs. Kerr and many others.


I have received requests for the Spring pictures taken by Dorian from several families. Families that paid for a package will receive their pictures. We are now in negotiations with Dorian about distribution. Worst case scenario will involve picking up the images from Cabrillo at the end of the school year. My preference is to have Dorian mail the pictures to the families but like many small businesses, Dorian has been hurt economically by the economic shut down necessitated by the pandemic. I will keep all families informed as our negotiations proceed. 


The very wonderful Claudia Fuentes who is our long-term substitute during Mrs. Sandoval’s maternity leave has prepared the necessary paperwork that ensures our sixth grade families who have paid for science camp will receive a refund. I ask these families to be patient as this will be a challenging process for our clerical support staff at the district office. In addition, several other Fremont USD schools are applying for refunds for their families as well. The money will come but I anticipate it will take at least a month for the processing to take place.


Food distribution at Cabrillo continues on Mondays and Wednesdays until the end of the school year. Food distribution begins at 10:15. There will be no food distribution on Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays. The entrees will be frozen so an adult will need to help heat the food.


Again, please continue to email photos, drawings, poems, etc about your student’s distance learning experience. Email your student’s distance learning experience to me at which I will include in our 2019-2020 yearbook.


Stay Safe Cabrillo and Stay Strong!


David Thornley

Principal, Cabrillo Elementary