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FamilyMr. Jason Charbonneau

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Thanks for visiting my webpage!  Welcome to another exciting school year.  My name is Justin Charbonneau and I am the Physical Education Specialist for grades 1-6 at Cabrillo Elementary.  Most students know me as Mr. C.  I teach at Cabrillo Monday through Friday and I am also fortunate enough to be coaching Cabrillo's basketball teams for my 6th straight year.  I also coach my daughter's soccer team in Livermore.  I really enjoy the outdoors and spending time with my family when I am not teaching. Through teaching and coaching in the community I have learned how much passion and pride exists here at Cabrillo and feel privileged to be part of this great school.        

I believe Cabrillo students have a fortunate opportunity to get a jump start to a healthy lifestyle with a Physical Education class and a Cabrillo Mileage Club available at this young age.  My goal as an educator is to teach students that they can live an active and healthy lifestyle while having fun and learning in the process.  My mission is to introduce and practice Ca.State Standards, new movement skills, sports, and games that challenge and build confidence in our students.  Cabrillo students will be challenged physically and mentally and given the opportunity to learn and explore life skills and knowledge that can allow them to be successful through middle school, high school, and the rest of their lives.

I have an open door policy and can be reached best by email.  I encourage parental support so please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.