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Character Education

Resolving Conflicts
Please practice using I messages with your child to help them solve conflicts.
As part of our character development program, we're teaching students to use I messages to manage conflicts.
I feel. (state feelings)
when. (state the behavior of the other person)
because. (state the effect that behavior has on you)
and I would like. (request what you think could happen to change the situation).
For example: I feel angry when you call me a mean name because it hurts my feelings and I'd like you to stop calling me names.
Please review our 8 Great Traits with your child:

1. Responsibility- I am responsible for everything I say and do.

2. Problem Solving- I cooperate to solve problems in a fair way.

3. Honesty- I tell the truth.

4. Caring- I take care of myself, others, and my world.

5. Integrity- I show self-respect by taking pride in my words and actions.

6. Respect for Others- I am kind to all people.

7. Planning & Decision Making- I make good choices.

8. Citizenship- I help people in my classroom, school, and community.