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Homework Policy

Homework is designed to reinforce skills and information learned in class, and to help students develop self-discipline and responsibility. Completing homework is to your child's benefit.  If what is taught in class is not reinforced at home, it probably will not become automatic information that your child can retrieve and use when they need it.
According to the District policy, first grade homework should be approximately 10-30 minutes per evening or 40-120 minutes per week. The Board supports the development of life-long readers. In accordance with State content standards, first graders should spend at least 20 additional minutes reading per night.

Every Monday, a homework packet will go home to be completed by the student and it must be turned in by Friday morning (in their folders) to be considered on time, unless due to an absence or special circumstance. Homework packets must be signed by a parent.**

Homework will include:
1. Math and Language Arts practice pages
2. Parent letters for weekly stories and math chapters
3. 20 minutes of nightly reading (including a minimum of 10 minutes of decodable book reading)
4. Memorizing addition and subtraction math facts and sight words daily.
5. Spelling activities

Unfinished class work and make up work missed during absences or illness, or activities that need additional practice will be sent home in addition to the homework packet.d]

Students SHOULD NOT complete their homework packets in one night. Students need to learn to manage their time and understand the importance of finishing assignments little by little to ensure accuracy and excellence. This is the most important time management lesson for first graders.

As the year progresses, the homework routine will change slightly. You will find more hands-on activities and speaking activities in addition to conventional paper/pencil worksheets. This will require you to spend more time working with your child while they complete their homework.

**If there is a legitimate reason why a student is not able to finish homework, please send a signed note to me on the day the homework is due stating the reason it was not completed.

Late homework will lower your child's grade in Organization and Citizenship section of the report card and will result in the loss of recess.

Homework is part of the grade that I will assign your child in the Organization and Citizenship section of their report card.  If your child receives all +s in these sections, they will receive Organization and/or Citizenship awards at one (or all) of our end of trimester Awards Assemblies. All packets will be given a grade of Outstanding, Satisfactory, or Needs Improvement. Penmanship, completeness, and effort count! Please be sure to check and review homework nightly to check for understanding and to help correct mistakes.  If there is something your child does not understand, have him/her see me before homework is due.
Excellent= on time, completed with extra effort, complete and accurate
Satisfactory= on time, neatly done, a few errors
Needs Improvement= late, incomplete, sloppy, too many errors

Please make sure that:

  1. you establish homework as a top priority,
  2. your child has a quiet, well lit place to do their homework,
  3. you establish a regular time for homework,
  4. you do not do the worksheets for your child, but be available to assist and answer your child's questions,
  5. you always check your child's work when finished as incorrect practice is of little benefit,
  6. you do not allow your child to get out of doing homework,
  7. your child's name is on all homework papers.