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High Frequency Words

Below is a list of the sight words your child should memorize in first grade. These are the words that most frequently occur in texts.                                                           

Debajo esta la lista de las palabras de alta frecuencia que su hijo(a) debe saber para que pueda leer de manera mas fluente. Se las va a encontrar frecuentamente en la lectura. Despues de identificar estas palabras, el/ella debe practicar atrazarlas. 

California Treasures, Scope and Sequence: High-Frequency Words Grade 1

* Indicates High-Frequency Words that Become Decodable and Are Included in Blending Lines and Word Work for that Week. Start Smart

Kindergarten Review: a, and, are, can, do, for, go, has, have, he, here, I, is, like, little, look, me, my, play, said, see, she, the, this to, was, we, what, where, with, you

Unit 1, Week 1

jump, not, up

*am, man, an, as, at, ran

Unit 4, Week 1

across, carry, eight, once, saw, upon, walked

* may, say, day

Unit 1, Week 2

it, over, too

* had, back

Unit 4, Week 2

about, give, pretty, says, were, write

* each, read, clean, green, keep, please, sleep

Unit 1, Week 3

be, ride, run

* its, him, big, his, sit, six, did, if, in will, pick

Unit 4, Week 3

better, buy, change, move

* grow, both, own, cold, most, don’t, going, hold

Unit 1, Week 4

come, good, pull, down

* black

Unit 4, Week 4

ball, head, never, should, shout

* right, fly, kind, light, myself, try

Unit 1, Week 5

help, now, use, very

* ask, fast, sing

Unit 4, Week 5

also, because, blue, or, other, until

Unit 2, Week 1

her, our, they, two

* got, on, hot, off, long

Unit 5, Week 1

another, climbed, full, poor, through

* first, hurt

Unit 2, Week 2

eat, no, of, some, who

* red, best, yes, get, ten, let, well, went, tell

Unit 5, Week 2

grew, house, knew, would

* far, start, part

Unit 2, Week 3

live, many, out, place

* bring, drink, stop

Unit 5, Week 3

great, know, sound, their, warm

Unit 2, Week 4

again, could, make, one, then, three

* but, us, cut, just, must

Unit 5, Week 4

against, below, fall, orange, sure, yellow

* brown, found, round

Unit 2, Week 5

all, put, show, together, under, want

* them, such, than, things, shall, thank, that, think, wish

Unit 5, Week 5

air, enough, eyes, learn, open

Unit 3, Week 1

away, school, today, way, why

* take, same, ate, came, gave, made

Unit 6, Week 1

always, father, four, love, mother

* good, soon

Unit 3, Week 2

call, funny, how, more, so, there

* five, time

Unit 6, Week 2

along, early, instead, nothing, thought

* draw, small, wash, called

Unit 3, Week 3

every, from, into, people, soon, your

* white, much, when, which

Unit 6, Week 3

build, goes, laugh, only

* seven

Unit 3, Week 4

after, done, find, new, old, work

* these, those, used

Unit 6, Week 4

been, before, gone, searching

Unit 3, Week 5

any, boy, by, goes, friends, girl, water

Unit 6, Week 5

around, begin, brought, certain, minutes, straight