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Cabrillo Elementary School

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    School Starts August 28th

    First Day of School is August 28th

    Illuminate Parent Portal HELP

    Illuminate Parent Portal Info & Help


    Parent Portal Link Illuminate

    The email with the FUSD Home Connection link and access key has been sent. If you haven't received it, please contact your school office. As previously mentioned, this parent portal will be used in 2019-20 school year for distributing standardized testing results. It also enable parents to view student's attendance, progress reports, grades, assessments, and more!​

    To learn more about the Illuminate Home Connection, please read below.

    If you have not received and/or not sure you received your Parent Portal Access Key, please check your email on the following dates of May 2nd 2019 and on May 4th 2019 for an email from Fremont Unified School District
    (From: Notification from Fremont USD).


    Example Email:

    Hello Parents or Guardian,

    Below is your Parent Portal Access Key for your Illuminate Home Connection Portal.

    ACCESS KEY:  1234567890ME (example ONLY)

    Thank You

    Fremont Unified School District



    Illuminate Home Connection for State-Required Assessment Student Score Reports, Attendance, Schedules, Enrollment and MORE!


    The Fremont Unified School District will soon be rolling out a component of our student information system, the Illuminate Home Connection parent portal, that will allow you to access more information about your student from home.

    • What is Illuminate Home Connection?

    Illuminate Home Connection is an online portal that parents and guardians can use to access information about their student(s). This will allow you to view your student’s attendance, prior standardized testing results, schedule, and other data.

    • When can I access the Home Connection parent portal?

    You'll receive an email containing the Home Connection link along with your personal and unique access key. These will be emailed on May 1st. You’ll need this access key to create your Home Connection account.

    • How will I receive my Access Key?

    Personal and unique access keys will be sent to each email address we have on file for the student’s parents or guardians. Please contact the school office to make sure we have the most up-to-date contact information.

    • What if I don’t receive my Access Key?

    Please contact your school office if you do not receive an email on May 1st with your Access Key.

    • What if I don’t have internet access?

    Paper copies of reports will be available upon request from the school office; more information will be forthcoming. If you need to update contact information for your student, you can visit your school office. The Illuminate Home Connection parent portal will also be accessible on mobile devices.

    • Why are we rolling out this portal now?

    Standardized testing results (e.g., SBAC, ELPAC) will no longer be distributed on paper like they were in the past. The Home Connection portal allows families to view these results electronically. This is more environmentally friendly and allows quicker access to test results. The portal is also in use for schools who are piloting online MAZE Day to gather information electronically instead of requiring families to complete multiple paper forms. The schools that are currently piloting online MAZE Day are: Azevada Elementary School, Cabrillo Elementary School, Leitch Elementary School, Warm Springs Elementary School, Weibel Elementary School, and Thornton Junior High School. We hope to include more schools in the future and this transition will help make this a possibility.

    After you create your account, you'll have access to the Home Connection portal. You'll be able to update and add Emergency Contacts, telephone numbers and email addresses, as well as other information. In the 2019-20 school year, this same portal will also enable you to view your student's attendance, progress reports, grades, assessments, and more!


    STAFF EMAIL - Use - - no need to create new Gmail account

    Gmail is on.


    No need to create new Gmail account.

    Please double check Spam Folder.

    For the foreseeable future WILL WORK as an address - just log in to Google with


    You have full access to your fusdk12 account on Gmail.

    Here are directions for adding your account to your iphone or android phone​. Please note: there are many variables for Android phones; you may wish to search for setting up gmail on your specific model of phone.

    There will be a button/link on District and school websites so you can click and login to your account (or you can go to

  (an example is

    Password that you use for FUSDK12/GAFE


    Please call the FUSD Tech Helpdesk at 510-659-2575 (or 12611) if you do not know your password for FUSDK12/Google account. After we verify it is you, we will reset your password.

    • You will have the ability to view your emails in Outlook after August 1, 2019. You will login as you usually would to view emails you received prior to August 1. You will not be able to send emails from Outlook beginning August 1.
    • If you have any emails in the Baracuda quarantine (for suspected SPAM received prior to August 1), you can still login to the filter at using your Outlook login and password. Mail received after August 1 will not go through the Baracuda filter.
    • If your older emails are archived on Netmail/Netgovern, those emails will still be available to you. Login at http://narchive.district.fusd:8888/ with your Outlook login and password. You can print out any emails you need for future reference.



    If you are logged in to a personal gmail account, there are ways to add your account. This guide has been created by Google and gives full instructions. Another simpler option is to have two different browsers open on your computer, one for your personal (you can use a browser such Firefox) and one for your account (you can use a browser such as Chrome).
    The standard view within gmail may look a little different than your Outlook webmail. If you would like to set up a Preview Pane (for reading an entire email) try this. Look for this icon above your list of messages:

    Click on the arrow and choose Vertical split. You will notice a preview pane has opened to the right. Now select an email in the list to the left to view in the preview pane.



    More Info: Email - Change from Outlook to Gmail

    Staff Gmail Password Reset? Click Here

    Gmail Password is the same as Google Drive - 


    Call IT Department if you need Reset -  Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at extension 12611 from any school site phone and at 510-659-2575 from off campus.

    After IT verifies your identity, they will reset the password.

    Then use - 

    For the foreseeable future WILL WORK as an address - just log in to Google with

    If you know your password but want to change it please follow these instructions. (Staff Sign In Required)

    Calendar at a Glance 2019-2020 Instructional Calendar (pdf)

    Parent Portal Use this link to access your student's information and online Maze Day

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